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This project reflects learning in at least one of the main themes of the program and involves experiential learning, community engagement, research in peer-reviewed journals, a research paper, and the creation of unique products.  The products represent different genres and share multiple perspectives on the students' focus topics. In the style of a multigenre research project, students show their understanding through creative work such as leading workshops, podcasts, videos, etc.


Global Studies Evenings

The students will present their projects in live moderated panel discussions bringing their learning together to more deeply explore the world we live in. Talk to the students during the intermission when they host tables showcasing their work, products

and more.

Thursday 5/19 


Watkinson Foisie Amphitheater

Lili's Pic.jpeg

Liliana Birrell

How the Role of a Teacher is More Important than We Realize

For my Capstone Project, I researched the importance the role of a teacher has on students. I created one infographic that gives readers information on the “Belief Gap” and how we can fight it. This concept is a prominent one throughout our school systems in America. In addition, I created a ten-minute interview with a family friend who is a teacher in Brazil. We talked about the differences in education in Brazil compared to America, the belief gap, and how Covid-19 has impacted education today.


Bella Crespo

Climate Change: It’s Impacts on Vulnerable People and Animals

My project is focused on climate change and its impact on the world today and in the future. A primary focus point of my research paper and products is climate change’ impacts on vulnerable citizens and animals.

jake 2.jpeg

Jake Hoyt

Japanese Mythology and Modern Culture

I examined Japanese Mythology and its impacts on the modern culture and society of Japan, exploring many different aspects of the topic. These include comparing and contrasting different parts of mythological folklore, examining shrines, religions, traditions, and many other important parts of culture, as well as how family and ancestors are respected.


Lamiah S. Siddiq

Repatriating History: Should Museums be Required to Return Stolen Artwork?

For my Global Studies Capstone, I researched different arguments for and against repatriating artifacts in Western museums to their countries of origin. The pieces highlighted in my project are: the Koh-i-Noor diamond, Benin Bronzes, and the Bust of Nefertiti.


Tessa Brown

The Blue Zones Lifestyle Benefits

For this project, I have done a deep dive into the Blue Zones around the world. Part of my process was exploring how nutrition, mental health, and physical activity can benefit marginalized communities. I have conducted interviews, curated and watched relevant documentaries, and listened to TEDTalks to understand how other communities have implemented this lifestyle. I believe the Blue Zones' authenticity has much to offer our world.


Will Furneaux

Reasons For COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in USA

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant population chose not to get the SARS-COV-2 vaccine. This phenomenon is called vaccine hesitancy. My paper argues that vaccine hesitancy was primarily caused by distrust in the government. This distrust has been generated by the adoption of public policies driven by political considerations.


Evan Rees

Sustainable Automobiles For Consumers

I researched new and existing mechanisms for consumer automobile power that increase sustainability and represent individual progress towards halting climate change. I am fascinated by the variety of sustainable methods to power a car, from compressed hydrogen to used vegetable oil. I have developed an adaptive quiz/survey software that can recommend a specific sustainable vehicle and power source to an individual based on their unique circumstances. Also, I am aiming to lead an interactive workshop in order to educate consumers about sustainable options that exist in the automobile market.


Noemi Villaparedes

Health Practices in Eastern and Western Cultures

For my Global Studies Capstone Project, I compared and contrasted the different health practices and ideologies of Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I studied the impact of culture on a society's medicinal approach, and discovered how an integration of culture could lead to better health internationally.


Jayda Clarke

Acquiring Generational Wealth While Within the Minority

My Capstone project will dissect challenging ways in which minorities have been able to acquire wealth around the world. Along with this, I studied laws put in place to disproportionately impact people within the minority regarding salaries and wages. This issue is constantly impacting our society because it aids in supporting the top 1%.


Elijah Harris

Global Healthcare Inequities and Racial Mistrust in Healthcare

My Global Studies Capstone project explores the economic inequalities and racial mistrust that exist within different healthcare systems all across the world. Throughout the year, I have explored the healthcare systems in the United States, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, as they all have distinct practices that make their healthcare systems unique. I also looked at racial mistrust through experiments including the Tuskegee Syphilis study.


Sadie Schmitz

The Gender Revolution: An Analysis of Gendered Interactions with Modern Day Culture

Our social climate and ideals surrounding gender are evolving rapidly. My capstone focuses on gender in America and around the world as it relates to social roles and norms, individual identity, culture and history. The ultimate goal of my capstone was to initiate progressive conversations about gender, and dismantle preconceived notions about institutions and actions.

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