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Exploring.  Learning.  Creating.


This project reflects learning in at least one of the main themes of the program and involves experiential learning, community engagement, research at the University of Hartford Library, a research paper, and the creation of a unique product.  The products represent different genres and share multiple perspectives on the students' focus topics. In the style of a multigenre research project, students show their understanding through creative work such as leading workshops, podcasts, videos, etc.


2020 Global Studies Evenings

The students presented their projects online in moderated panel discussions bringing their learning together to more deeply explore the world we live in.

 Global Public Health  Emma Dempsy-Weiner, Catie Ratchford & Sarah Herring

 Business, Advertising & Privacy  Youssef Amer, Clare Crosson, Katherine Gao, Cam Jandreau & Dawit Toomey

 Climate, Technology & Transportation   James Burke, Chanjoo Kim, Mike Huang & Ethan Lavallee 

 Arts, Culture & Society   Olivia Carrabba, Patrick Henderson, Seline Kozlu, Parker Wolf & Jesse Yuan

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