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This project reflects learning in at least one of the main themes of the program and involves experiential learning, community engagement, research at the University of Hartford Library, a research paper, and the creation of a unique product.  The products represent different genres and share multiple perspectives on the students' focus topics. In the style of a multigenre research project, students show their understanding through creative work such as leading workshops, podcasts, videos, etc.


2020 Global Studies Evenings

The students will present their projects online in moderated panel discussions bringing their learning together to more deeply explore the world we live in.

 Global Public Health  Mon 5/18  Emma Dempsy-Weiner, Catie Ratchford & Sarah Herring

 Business, Advertising & Privacy  Tues 5/19  Youssef Amer, Clare Crosson, Katherine Gao, Cam Jandreau & Dawit Toomey

 Climate, Technology & Transportation  Wed 5/20  James Burke, Chanjoo Kim, Mike Huang & Ethan Lavallee 

 Arts, Culture & Society  Thurs 5/21  Olivia Carrabba, Patrick Henderson, Seline Kozlu, Parker Wolf & Jesse Yuan

  • Emma Dempsey-Weiner

    ADHD Around the World

    ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can be impacted by race, social economic status, and location around the world. I researched how these factors changed the rates of ADHD. My final work included a final research of all that I learned and a series of infographics about the different factors that contribute to ADHD.

  • Catie Ratchford

    Eating Disorders & Media Glorification

    I investigated the glorification of eating disorders in the media, and the dangerous rhetoric surrounding body image and diet culture that has percolated into nearly every aspect of modern culture and media.To gain an understanding of the public knowledge on this issue, I showed a film, To the Bone, that addressed eating disorders and asked people about their perspectives.

  • Sarah Herring

    Insulin Crisis in America

    The goal of my capstone is to bring awareness to the unfair health care industry in America. With the focus of being on the insulin crisis in America. For my capstone, I have created a workshop regarding the unfair drug prices in America. This workshop had an interactive activity where students had to make some of the same decisions diabetics make when they are faced as they pay for insulin.

  • Youssef Amer

    The Internet, Data Collection, and Human Rights

    With the increasing integration of technology into society, private corporations and governments are seemingly able to commit human rights violations through the suppression of free speech and undetectable data collection. My capstone aims to shed light on the negative consequences of the direction in which the internet is headed and what societies can do to combat this potential dystopia.

  • Clare Crosson

    Cultural Differences in Consumer Behavior and Marketing

    My Capstone Project focuses on marketing across cultures; specifically, how consumer’s choices differ between cultures and why. I examined factors such as environment, religion, history, ethnicity and country development, and their effects on consumer behavior. The purpose of my research was to investigate the internal and external causes behind our purchases, and the general trends of this behavior within countries. 

  • Katherine Gao

    Corporate Sustainability

    Corporate sustainability examines the way companies can achieve sustainability and social responsibility to protect the Earth and its residents. I focused on how corporations partner with non-profit organizations to create win-win situations. I also held a workshop regarding specific businesses, like Starbucks and Amazon, by evaluating their behaviors and contribution in the field of sustainability.

  • Cam Jandreau

    Sweatshop Labor

    Sweatshops' are a type workplace that has very poor, socially unacceptable or illegal working conditions. The work can be stressful, dangerous, climatic or underpaid. I researched the role and effects that large corporations have laborers in their sweatshops. This research resulted in my essay which I discuss all of these issues. I also want to spread awareness and test the knowledge of Watkinson community, in this I sent out a test via google forms for the community to chose to complete.

  • Dawit Toomey

    The Unethical Nature of Targeted Advertising

    My Capstone Project revolves around inequity in advertising when it comes to targeting specific races, genders, etc. A main idea in the project is whether or not there is a way to produce targeted advertising without being unethical. .

  • James Burke

    Understanding Diverse Perspectives on Climate Change

    In this project I take a look at how people respond to and perceive climate change on an emotional level. The goal of this project is to take an analytical look at the human aspect of climate change, and the things that contribute to how people think about the issue.

  • Chanjoo Kim

    Issues with US Public Transportation

    I investigated why US public transportation lags behind systems in other countries. I looked at the history and important events that shaped the current state of public transportation in the US, and also did some global comparisons. Part of this work included creating a photo essay and doing a case study.

  • Mike Huang

    Employment & Technology The goal of technology is to bring innovation to our society and make our community a better place for us to live in. I investigated the role industrial robots and artificial intelligent play in employment with a focus on the labor market in the U.S. I conducted a capstone project on the social impact of industrial robots in the United States.

  • Ethan Lavallee

    Climate Change & Electric Vehicles

    Electric vehicles are a hot topic in today's society and they have been talked about as a way to combat climate change. I investigated climate change by itself and its relationship with electric vehicles. I wrote a research paper discussing the effects of electric vehicles on the environment, and I also lead a workshop about climate change and climate refugees.

  • Olivia Carrabba

    The Criminal Justice System in the US

    I explored flaws in the criminal justice system in comparison to other countries approaches and methods. I also focused on the importance of looking into the factors that lead an individual to a criminal conviction to help understand and dictate the consequences in the most productive way. Part of this work included working with Ameen Lee, a man who spent 15 years in prison, understanding his life before his arrest and how he managed to turn it around.

  • Patrick Henderson

    Political Autonomy in the Modern World

     How the fight for independence and freedom, by both nations and individuals is occurring in the modern world.

  • Seline Kozlu

    Causes of Islamophobia

    My capstone focuses on the idea of Islamophobia in today's society. My thesis emphasizes on the idea of the lack of knowledge in the Islamic religion in our society. I also researched on how the new's effects people's views on Islam. Part of this work was included with a mini documentary of my family answering the question "What have you experienced with Islamophobia?" .

  • Parker Wolf

    Deterritorialization & American War Cinema

    I examine American War Cinema and how location and culture play or don't play a role in it. I look at past and modern American war films and present a short story to explain Deterritorialization and it's effects on audiences.

  • Jesse Yaun

    Art & History

    Just like music, art styles evolve and change in different historical periods. From the Baroque in the renaissance to impressionism then to the post-war surrealism, art styles slowly change as the history progresses, and artists use arts to record historical events happened around them. Especially in recent years, many artists’ focus moves towards social issues, and art becomes more and more inseparable to people’s life.

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