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This project reflects learning in at least one of the main themes of the program and involves experiential learning, community engagement, research in peer-reviewed journals, a research paper, and the creation of unique products.  The products represent different genres and share multiple perspectives on the students' focus topics. In the style of a multigenre research project, students show their understanding through creative work such as leading workshops, podcasts, videos, etc.


Global Studies Evenings

The students will present their projects in live moderated panel discussions bringing their learning together to more deeply explore the world we live in. Talk to the students after the  when they host tables showcasing their work, products

and more.

Thursday 5/1


Watkinson Foisie Amphitheater


Josiah C.Adams

The Phenomenon of Homelessness

My Capstone Project explores the issues of homelessness. I studied the different causes and effects of homelessness. This issue is something that I love and would love to explore more of.


Gordon Culton

The Deadly Effects of the American Diet

For my Global Studies Capstone Project, I researched the connection between one's health and diet. I mostly focused on America and how the fast-food industry has led to a health crisis. I also explored ways to help fix or at least worsen the damage that has been done so people can live a healthier lifestyle moving forward.


Nick Kogut

Cryptocurrency Regulation: the Risks and Benefits of Blockchain Technology

The explosion of blockchain development over the past fifteen years has forced nations to respond quickly. Some have taken strict measures while others have spent time observing the trajectory of the field first. Legislation created three years ago might tackle completely different issues than similar efforts today. My capstone compares several approaches to determine the best way forward.


Zoë Sepa

The Live Entertainment Industry and the COVID-19 Pandemic

I have researched how the entertainment industry has been impacted by the COVID-19. Pandemic. I have created an infographic to educate others on “Post - Pandemic Broadway.” And produced a documentary with industry professionals willing to share their stories. I find it is important to educate others on other aspects of the world and how they are able to recover post-pandemic.


Ross Bourdeau

The Future Of Fungi

My Global Studies Capstone Project, I chose to explore the field of Mycology and fungi's role in bioremediation, bioremediation and biotechnology. I particularly chose to research the possible applications in society such as containing and removing environmental pollutants from ecosystems around the world. As pollution continues to become more prevalent in the environment, a cost-effective and sustainable solution is critical to securing a safe future for our planet. Alongside my environmental focus, I also explored the medical applications of fungi as Psilocybin created ripples in global medical research fields over the past three years.


Owen Griffith

Inflation and Quantitative Easing: How The Fed

Created A Crisis

My project was a deep dive into how the Federal Reserve's actions in 2020 and 2021 led to a rapid increase of the stock market and inflation. I looked into supply chain issues, the increase of the money supply, and much more.


Olivia A.G. Laurie

Harmful Effects of Nano-Microplastics on Us, Our Wildlife, and the Environment

I researched Nano-microplastics' effects on humans, wildlife, and the natural environment. In addition to my research paper, I created an infographic that gives a crash course on NMPs and their harmful impacts on life around them. My last product was a sculpture of a Humpback whale, a victim of plastic pollution, made of plastic mosaics on a painted background with a handmade frame.


Alex Coelho

How Small Businesses

Can Be Successful Globally

My project focuses on how businesses work in a global environment, particularly how smaller businesses may compete successfully with larger ones. I demonstrate how preparation before establishing a business and strategic planning are the keys to success. My research paper's primary goal was to illustrate the vital components as well as knowing the global trends and economic influences.


Avery Jones

Electric Vehicles in a

Sustainable Future

My Capstone features the future of the automotive industry, that is electric vehicles. My passion for sustainable travel started when I got my first car, an EV. I have created and presented a workshop on EV's along with creating an informative video about EV charging. I believe that this is the future of sustainable travel in our country..


Sophia Marangoudakis

Sustainable Options in Hotels

Hotels come in all sizes, but overall, they are huge polluters. I learned about the many sustainable options for hotels to adopt in their hotels. This includes selecting origins of small amenities to fully becoming a net-zero emissions hotel and the benefits. These sustainable decisions can affect guests and their future choices and views on sustainability.

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