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Exploring.  Learning.  Creating.


This project reflects learning in at least one of the main themes of the program and involves experiential learning, community engagement, research in peer-reviewed journals, a research paper, and the creation of unique products.  The products represent different genres and share multiple perspectives on the students' focus topics. In the style of a multigenre research project, students show their understanding through creative work such as leading workshops, podcasts, videos, etc.


Global Studies Evenings

The students will present their projects in live, moderated panel discussions bringing their learning together to more deeply explore the world we live in. Talk to the students after the when they host tables showcasing their work, products

and more.

Thursday 5/16  


Watkinson Foisie Amphitheater


Sofia Angulo

The Psychology Behind Social Media

This year, I spent my time researching the psychology behind social media. As a teenger who is chronically online, I personally found that I'm so much less productive because of how much time I spend online. The main purpose behind my research was to discover why social media has such a strong grip on people, especially with the younger generation and how the aftermath of COVID-19 gave social platforms much more power than before.


Maria E. D'Souza

Why Are Female Leaders Needed?

Women are receiving education now more than ever, but the representation of women in the workforce, especially in government positions is minimal. In my project, I explore the rise in education and how women are still at a disadvantage when it comes to economic opportunities. I also included the benefits of women in politics!


Forest Gill

The Relationship Between Nature and Civility

As a people living across the world with different views, it can be hard to find a commonality that ties people together as a human race. Ultimately, that commonality is the land: its physiologic and mental impact on everyone — if people exposed themselves to nature more often, it would cultivate a more peaceful, civil, and stable world.


Maryam Hassar

War on Peace: From Colonization to Refugees

My Global Studies Capstone analyzes our world's current refugee crisis in relation to the history of colonization. Through this connection of refugees and colonization, I analyze the way in which colonization is embedded into the systems of our current world and how its effects have ultimately produced humanitarian emergencies in Third World countries and the refugee crisis of the 21st century.


Kendall Rees

Global Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Healthcare

There are differing policies and laws around the world that affect women's reproductive lifestyles. Depending on the setting, a woman can face various struggles or successes about the rights of her body. Through my Capstone Project, I examine multiple aspects of reproductive healthcare and why reproductive rights are so important.


Fiona Berry

Old Age Care in The United States and China

My Global Studies Capstone Project is an exploration of the shift from at home to institutional elder care in the United States and China.


Millie Foster

Indigenous Peoples

I researched Indigenous groups around the world and the main issues surrounding them. My research paper explored the importance of land stewardship and the key to preserving Indigenous Tribes. For my second product, I made a syllabus for a class about Indigenous Studies, and for my third product I created an infographic exploring Indigenous food around the globe.


Logan Gottesmann

The Financial Responsibility of the Industrialized World to Ending Global Poverty

For my Global Studies Capstone Project, I explored how financial systems interface with global poverty. I looked at the steps in which financially minded organizations interact with developing markets and the potential futures we might see due to these interactions.


Finn Heller

Culture & Death

My Capstone Project is an examination and analysis of the different ways cultures perceive, fear, and treat death, and the influence these views have back on the cultures.


Jamella K. Weir

Fast Fashion & Sustainability

Buying clothes may seem second nature to some but the problem is that consumers have become detached from their production. Though fast fashion seems like a great option, it leaves lasting impacts on the environment and consumers with the negatives often outweighing the positives.


Sadie Cohen

Generational Trauma; The World's Voices

Intergenerational trauma, or generational trauma, is a phenomenon where the descendants of a person who has experienced a traumatic event shows negative emotional and behavioral reactions to events similar to the ones of the person who experienced the event. This year, I have studied generational trauma and created three products surrounding the effects.


Quincy Gaddy

The Impact Forensic Science has on Human Rights

My Capstone dives into the issues within the criminal justice system. The research I’ve conducted has led me to look at cases with prejudice towards certain parties, leaving them insignificant in the system; this causes innocent people to live a guilty life. I’ve put together both my loves of forensics and justice and created a project that may open the doors to change.


Ninah S. Grant

Translation Software and Language Emotionality

My Global Studies Capstone asks the question, "How has translation technology impacted language emotionality and culture?" To answer this, I took a deep dive into linguistics and literature, focusing on the artistry and unique variations within language. For my product, I created an analytical portfolio of poetry across different languages, comparing human translations of them to Google Translate translations.


Brooke Herzog

Rehabilitation or Retribution: The Comparison of US and European Prison Systems

For my senior Capstone Project, I focused on life in the prison system. I looked specifically at incarcerated individuals' access to healthcare and what the living conditions were like in different countries. By looking into the United States correctional facilities versus Norwegian and German correctional facilities, I learned about the drastic contrast between jail and prison types based on the facility's fundamental goal: the difference between retribution and rehabilitation.

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