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Class of 2024 & Capstone Topics

Sofia Angulo- Social Media & Teens

Fiona Berry- Elder Care

Sadie Cohen- Multigenerational Trauma

Maria D'Souza- Women Leadership

Millie Foster- Indigenous Peoples

Quincy Gaddy- Forensics & Human Rights

Forest Gill- Civility & Nature

Logan Gottesmann- Fighting Global Poverty

Ninah Grant- Language and AI

Maryam Hassar- Colonization & Refugees

Finn Heller- Cultural Concepts of Death

Brooke Herzog- Incarceration Worldwide

Kendall Rees- Reproductive Rights

Jamella Weir- Fast Fashion & Sustainability

Class of 2025

Yehya Amer

Ravi Koneru

Connor Murphy

Owen Reed

Gaby Rojas-Lebron

Pia Squatrito


Class of 2023 Check out Their Capstones

Josiah Adams- Homelessness

Ross Bourdeau- The Future is Fungi

Alex Coelho- Small Businesses

Gordon Culton- American Diet

Owen Griffith- Inflation & the Federal Reserve

Avery Jones- Electric Vehicles

Nick Kogut- Cryptocurrency & Blockchains

Olivia Laurie- Microplastics

Sophia Marangoudakis- Sustainable Hotels

Zoe Sepa- Covid Pandemic & Entertainment



Class of 2022         Check out Their Capstones

Lili Birrell- The Role of Teachers in Education

Tessa Brown- Blue Zones & Marginalized Communities

Jayda Clarke- Generational Wealth in Minority Communities

Bella Crespo- Climate Change & Vulnerable Citizens

Will Furneaux- COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy & Distrust

Elijah Harris- Global Heath Inequities & Mistrust

Jake Hoyt- Japanese Mythology & Modern Culture

Evan Rees- Sustainable Fuels & Automobiles

Sadie Schmitz- Gender Binary & the Present Day

Lamiah Siddiq- Repatriating History: Art & Artifacts

Mimi Villaparedes- Eastern & Western Medicine

Class of 2021 Check out Their Capstone Projects

Elias Bachner- Ethics & Archaeology

Owen Chambers- Environmental Restoration

Jackson Forrest- Geopolitical Conflict & Culture

Adam Joseph- Anti-Semitism & Social Media

Allison Kalva- Women in Engineering

Chris Li- Humanistic Buddhism

John McCamish- Student-Athlete Rights & NCAA

Angelique Phillips- Caribbean Experience in CT

Jona Ruser- Vegetarianism &  Climate Change

Jacob Scheinblum- Political Polarization

Maaz Siddiq- Robotics in Medicine

Chase Wayne-Duffy- Effects of the Industrial Revolution

Cindy Zhang- Great Leap Forward in China

Henry Zhou- Globalization of Esports

Class of 2020  Check out Their Capstone Projects

Youssef Amer- Rights to Privacy in the Digital Age

James Burke- Multiple Perspectives on Climate Change

Olivia Carrabba- Criminal Justice Reform

Clare Crosson- Behavioral Economics

Emma Dempsey-Weiner- ADHD around the World

Katherine Gao- Corporate Sustainability

Cameron Jandreau- Sweatshops and Human Rights

Patrick Henderson- Self-determination in Semi-autonomous regions

Sarah Herring- Global Insulin Crisis

Mike Huang- Industrial Robotics

Chanjoo Kim- Transportation in the US vs the Rest of the World

Seline Kozlu- The Causes of Islamophobia

Ethan Lavallee- The Impact of Electric Cars

Catie Ratchford- Media & Eating Disorders

Dawit Toomey- Targeted Advertising & Ethics

Parker Wolf- American Influence Through Film

Jesse Yuan- Surrealist Art & Society

Class of 2019 


Caroline Aramini- Value of Immigrants

Oliver Avery- The Gun Debate

Matteo Carrabba- The Sugar Industry

Jean Chen- K-pop

Nicole Davis- Evolution of Racism

Avery Schmitz- Comparative Policing

Jamie Toomey- Transgender People

Alina Zhang- Life of International Students

Class of 2018 

Zachary Davis- Mass Incarceration

Nathan Fierston- Economics in Sports

Jack Foley- Activism & Politics in Sports

Ryan Gorneault- Nike Missile Program

Jordan Karp- Catalan Independence Movement

Aneesh Vinod Khilnani- Space Race

Olivia McAdams- Sex Work & Human Rights

T Moran- What is Prison?

Aidan Pangilinan- Terrorism & the Media

Hamish Robb- American Influence on Japan

Nick Smoolca- eSports

Marissa Torelli- Mass Incarceration

Matt Troy- Tusk & Horn Trade in Africa

Sam Volpe- Ethics & Economics

Elena Wallace- Eurocentric Beauty Standards

Owen West- Food & Culture

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