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Portfolio Sites Highlighting Our Work

Class of 2023

Josiah Adams

Ross Bourdeau

Alex Coelho

Gordon Culton

Owen Griffith

Avery Jones

Nick Kogut

Olivia Laurie

Sophia Marangoudakis

Zoe Sepa


Class of 2024

Sofia Angulo

Fiona Berry

Sadie Cohen

Maria D'Souza

Millie Foster

Quincy Gaddy

Forest Gill

Logan Gottesmann

Ninah Grant

Maryam Hassar

Finn Heller

Brooke Herzog

Kendall Rees

Jamella Weir



Class of 2022         Check out Their Capstones

Lili Birrell- The Role of Teachers in Education

Tessa Brown- Blue Zones & Marginalized Communities

Jayda Clarke- Generational Wealth in Minority Communities

Bella Crespo- Climate Change & Vulnerable Citizens

Will Furneaux- COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy & Distrust

Elijah Harris- Global Heath Inequities & Mistrust

Jake Hoyt- Japanese Mythology & Modern Culture

Evan Rees- Sustainable Fuels & Automobiles

Sadie Schmitz- Gender Binary & the Present Day

Lamiah Siddiq- Repatriating History: Art & Artifacts

Mimi Villaparedes- Eastern & Western Medicine

Class of 2021 Check out Their Capstone Projects

Elias Bachner

Owen Chambers

Jackson Forrest

Adam Joseph

Allison Kalva

Chris Li

John McCamish

Angelique Phillips

Jona Ruser

Jacob Scheinblum

Maaz Siddiq

Chase Wayne-Duffy

Cindy Zhang

Henry Zhou

Class of 2020  Check out Their Capstone Projects

Youssef Amer- Rights to Privacy in the Digital Age

James Burke- Multiple Perspectives on Climate Change

Olivia Carrabba- Criminal Justice Reform

Clare Crosson- Behavioral Economics

Emma Dempsey-Weiner- ADHD around the World

Katherine Gao- Corporate Sustainability

Cameron Jandreau- Sweatshops and Human Rights

Patrick Henderson- Self-determination in Semi-autonomous regions

Sarah Herring- Global Insulin Crisis

Mike Huang- Industrial Robotics

Chanjoo Kim- Transportation in the US vs the Rest of the World

Seline Kozlu- The Causes of Islamophobia

Ethan Lavallee- The Impact of Electric Cars

Catie Ratchford- Media & Eating Disorders

Dawit Toomey- Targeted Advertising & Ethics

Parker Wolf- American Influence Through Film

Jesse Yuan- Surrealist Art & Society

Class of 2019 


Caroline Aramini- Value of Immigrants

Oliver Avery- The Gun Debate

Matteo Carrabba- The Sugar Industry

Jean Chen- K-pop

Nicole Davis- Evolution of Racism

Avery Schmitz- Comparative Policing

Jamie Toomey- Transgender People

Alina Zhang- Life of International Students

Class of 2018 

Zachary Davis- Mass Incarceration

Nathan Fierston- Economics in Sports

Jack Foley- Activism & Politics in Sports

Ryan Gorneault- Nike Missile Program

Jordan Karp- Catalan Independence Movement

Aneesh Vinod Khilnani- Space Race

Olivia McAdams- Sex Work & Human Rights

T Moran- What is Prison?

Aidan Pangilinan- Terrorism & the Media

Hamish Robb- American Influence on Japan

Nick Smoolca- eSports

Marissa Torelli- Mass Incarceration

Matt Troy- Tusk & Horn Trade in Africa

Sam Volpe- Ethics & Economics

Elena Wallace- Eurocentric Beauty Standards

Owen West- Food & Culture

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